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Professional tutoring service offering individualized, private instruction for high school and college students.  Well qualified and experienced professional with an advanced degree from Columbia University.  Advanced/college mathematics, logic, philosophy, test prep, microeconomics, computer science and more.

Links to math-related entertaining stuff

Geometry and Topology Games

A collection of games related to some fairly sophisticated Math topics, but the games themselves are just board-games with fairly simple rules.  If you don't know the associated Math then you won't have trouble playing them, but if one day you learn the associated Math it may cause a pretty nice ah-ha moment.

PBS Infinite Series

An entertaining YouTube series produced by PBS discussing important and weird ideas in Math.


Randall Monroe decided he did too much techie stuff and not enough expressive stuff, so began this cartoon--sometimes funny, sometimes touching, sometimes topical.

Feynman Lectures

Richard Feynman was one of the greatest physicists in history, worked on the Manhattan Project, played the bongos, and discovered what caused the Challenger disaster.  He was also one of the most magical explainers of technical material I've ever seen.

Dear Data

Two data scientists write postcards to each other over the course of a year, making gorgeous hand-crafted data visualizations.

The drawings of Fomenko

Anatoly Fomenko was a research mathematician who made important contributions to complex analysis and topology.  He also made drawings thematically related to geometry with startling and profound emotional power.

Vi Hart

Doodles, crafts, and off-handed observations become endless paths of interest and deep reflections on mathematics.

The Scientific Odyssey

A podcast on the History and Philosophy of Science.  Chad Davies takes his teaching responsibilities extremely seriously, an unusually responsible behavior in the world of physicists.  He directs that skill to personal stories about scientists, and you could take only that much from the episodes.  But just underneath are lessons on just what Science is, where it came from, and how we practice it.


A Physics teacher does fun, sometimes dramatic experiments--there are a number of these, and Smarter Every Day is fun too.  So is Minute Physics.


A podcast produced by Stephen Dubner--formerly also regularly featuring economist Steven Levitt, but whose aloofness caused him to seemingly wander away when he lost interest.  Applies a vaguely economic analysis to a wide array of current events.

What's the Point

A podcast from FiveThirtyEight, the Stats organization led by Nate Silver.

Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal

A web comic often informed by academic Math and Science.

Ted Chiang

Author of the short-story that inspired the movie Arrival, he also wrote some of my favorite Sci-Fi stories.  His stories are often driven by emotions and characters who navigate some events that center on principles of Math and Science that usually only researchers are familiar with.


Geometry proofs gamified, also available on mobile devices.

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