Axiom Tutoring

Advanced Math, Stats, Logic, Physics, CompSci, and test-prep tutoring

Professional tutoring service offering individualized, private instruction for high school and college students.  Well qualified and experienced professional with an advanced degree from Columbia University.  Advanced/college mathematics, logic, philosophy, test prep, microeconomics, computer science and more.

Time and Place

A calendar of my current appointments is at the bottom of this page, and can give you a sense of when I'm available to meet.  Feel free to inquire about available times, keeping in mind that I sometimes need one hour of travel time between appointments.

I am available to meet any day and any time that is not already scheduled with another student.  If you want to start learning about multi-linear maps at 2 am on a Saturday, I'm willing!

I often meet people at their apartments. Another option is on-campus at Columbia University, no student ID is required. The cafes there often have available space and are reasonably quiet. I’m also willing to meet anywhere that is within a 1-hour travel time from Columbia using the MTA. Locations that are farther or require other transportation may require an additional travel fee.

I also offer online tutoring.  I can use Skype or Hangouts for voice and video calls.  I use a whiteboard application and digitizer so that you can easily see my hand-written notes in real-time.  To learn more about software solutions for online tutoring, please send me an inquiry.


$700 per hour

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Below is a calendar of my current appointments, so that you can decide which of my available times would be best for us to meet.

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