Axiom Tutoring

Advanced Math, Stats, Logic, Physics, CompSci, and test-prep tutoring

Professional tutoring service offering individualized, private instruction for high school and college students.  Well qualified and experienced professional with an advanced degree from Columbia University.  Advanced/college mathematics, logic, philosophy, test prep, microeconomics, computer science and more.

Time and Place

I am available to meet any day and any time that is not already scheduled with another student.  If you want to start learning about multilinear maps at 2 am on a Saturday, I'm willing! 

You can find a calendar of my current appointments at the bottom of this page.  It is kept fairly accurate and current, so this can give you a good sense of when I'm available, although keep in mind that I may need to include some travel time between appointments.

Meeting at Columbia University is often the most convenient.  However, I can travel as much as 1 hour from Columbia to meet at your apartment, a cafe, library, or wherever else you may want to meet.  This includes Manhattan, the Bronx, Queens, and Brooklyn.  

I also offer online tutoring.  I can use Skype, TeamViewer, and other internet applications.

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