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Professional tutoring service offering individualized, private instruction for high school and college students.  Well qualified and experienced professional with an advanced degree from Columbia University.  Advanced/college mathematics, logic, philosophy, test prep, microeconomics, computer science and more.

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About Me

Adam Frank, B.A., M.Phil.

In 2006, I completed undergraduate studies at Brandeis University, and in 2011 my Master's degree from Columbia University in New York. I've tutored for about 10 years, the last five have been as a full time professional.

I've successfully tutored hundreds of students in a wide variety of subjects.  I’ve worked with students attending elite colleges like Columbia, Cooper Union, NYU, Princeton, Vassar, U Penn, and Duke. I’ve also helped students at elite high schools like Stuyvesant, Harper, Bronx Science, and Staten Island Tech. References are available on request. 

What distinguishes me from other Math and Science teachers is that, beyond having a mastery of the my subjects, I'm a skilled communicator.  I try to have at least two different ways of explaining any given concept, so that the student has as many learning avenues as possible.  One refrain I hear all the time from my students is "The problem seems so easy when you do it!"  

Additionally, my goal as a tutor is to make my students not need me.  Rather than simply giving answers, I often answer questions with hints and “provocative questions”:   I let them solve a question as much as they can without help.  Eventually the student asks a question; rather than answer it directly, I try to respond with a question or hint that will guide the student to solve it on her own.  In effect my students don’t just get information about the problem, and they don’t just get information about the subject. They also get training in how to learn the subject. They get lessons about how to process information and derive their own solutions.

A final principle that I have about teaching is that, whenever possible, I try to know at least twice as much about a question as the question requires.  Although my job is to be able to simply answer each question I'm asked, having a fuller understanding often makes answers clearer, and I am able to provide context.

As of 2018 I have also devoted a day each week when I teach inmates Math and Computer Science at correctional facilities.  This volunteer work is made possible by the Bard Prison Initiative, through which inmates have the opportunity to earn a degree from Bard University and prepare for a career once they have served out their sentence. Please visit the BPI website to learn more and consider making a donation.

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